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In the business development process, Li Jing technology industry, academia, research combining road, with well-known universities and national research institutions to establish a long-term chemical close cooperative relations, study of early technology, new product testing and research personnel culture and other aspects of the formation of a variety of flexible modes of cooperation, the development of biomedical materials with a high level of new products. Has applied for patents and pending applications for up to a dozen, formed a complete technological property rights patent clusters.
     In order to meet the requirements of different types of customers for the product, Li Jing technology not only established its own production base, but also through cooperation model, with different specifications and capacity of production capacity.
     Small scale and pilot laboratory: kg level can provide bulk samples and one hundred kilograms or less level products.
     Intermediate own factory: Provides annual production capacity of 400 tons of various types of intermediates.
     GMP production workshop: Management strict GMP manufacturing enterprises, providing full production capacity of bulk drugs and formulations.